Office Design

Smart planning: Flexible - collaborative - Private areas within your office space!

Intelligent planning has the ability to transform offices into spacious, comfortable & safe workplaces. Grantcf consider every element in the mix, from growth plans and the needs of your business to legal requirements and even IT infrastructure, because with a little bit of smart planning you can ensure your business has space & is flexible for years to come.

Improved culture & ethos - discover the true beauty of great office design.

Grantcf makes sure your furniture lasts, you want the best quality, but also the best value. Grantcf buying power ensures you get both.

The design, planning and management of the office can be a complex undertaking. Grantcf look to work closely with our clients, designers & project managers to deliver a solution that fits the brief and budget.

Things that need to be thought about:

  • What are the ideal sizes for offices? Everyone one is different & even more so with Work from home coming into the mix.
  • Does the space allow 'walking through the floor space'?
  • How much space needs to flexible? Mobile furniture, huddle areas, private, open or enclosed areas?
  • What type of space is needed for hotdesks, touchdown, general get together work areas, meetings & Collaborative areas?
  • Will the space allow for growth?