Home Office

Working from home?

With arrival of COVID19...The work place has changed & evolved to support how work happens.

The modern workplace has to keep pace with what workers need & how to help them wherever they work.

You don’t have to go to work, to work; mobile technology has changed that.

The number of people working from home has risen to its highest level since records began.

Designing an effective home office differs from designing a commercial office and there are very specific considerations you need to keep in mind even before you get started.

Your home office should to be a place where you can be productive and feel good when you come into it, so whether your transforming a spare room or utilising unwanted space under the stairs, we can help you design and plan it whilst never forgetting it’s your home and the place you switch off and relax after work!!

By asking these questions we can begin to plan your home office:

  • What will you be doing in the space?
  • What type of work needs to be done?
  • Will external clients via online meetings be viewing your space?!
  • What type of files or paperwork will be referenced and/or stored? If any?
  • What type of equipment is required? Laptop? Desktop? Wireless charging? Cable tidies?
  • When will you be doing the bulk of your work?
  • What style of furniture blends in with your home environment?

For further information or details about any of our Home Office furniture please contact us