Space Planning

Space Planning

Office space planning is a fundamental service that we offer to our clients, designers & project managers at the beginning of every project. It’s a very necessary first step before as it allows Grantcf to assess the space available and compare it against the client’s expectations for the project.

Image here on the right...The start of a project......

From this we can confirm to our clients their requirements can be met for the space available, in certain instances office furniture space planning can negate the need for expensive office relocations by using the space to work in a slightly smarter way.

Businesses are finding the benefit more and more of a well thought out space plan at the start of a project. Investing time, getting the layout of a commercial space right at the beginning can, increase productivity, enhance the way staff interact with each other and clients, create a healthy flow of information and personnel around a space, and provide future proofing to deal with growth.

Image on the right....The Finished project.....

Office space design doesn’t just take into account numbers of people in a space, it also thinks about the wider needs of today’s modern UK business including technological advances that could aid productivity. This includes advances in Information Technology and the new presentation techniques that allow people to share and collaborate in a working environment as well as integrating the work from home.

 What space do you need?

  • Collaborative Space
  • Mobile furniture
  • Inspiring areas
  • Work Space
  • Learning Space
  • Learning and Training Space
  • Meeting Space
  • Breathing Space

The workplace has to work harder by working Smarter