Supplying knowledge and furniture for all your orthopaedic needs

Orthopaedic chairs provide the user with the ultimate level of postural support.

Ergonomists and healthcare professionals agree that sitting immobile at work stations for hours on end can lead to poor posture and back complaints. One of our product ranges; Orthopaedica offers an AirTech seat board that allows the lower back to be supported and at the same time stimulates muscles as you move gently in your working environment. A simple push of the button allows air to flow through a two way valve, this enables the seat to adjust to the fit of your natural shape and deliver a unique, tailor made seat just for you.

Does this look familiar? Perching on your chair & peering at your screen? 

You can see the chair is not doing its job! And everything about the persons posture is all wrong!

Now the chair is doing its job! Sit & adjust the chair & monitor to you to obtain the right working postition

Why not contact Grantcf to undertake a Work or home place assessment?

Everything at your 'desk' has to be taken into account:

What type of work you do & how long per day?

Do you wear glasses?

Are you wearing shoes with heels or not?

Is you computer in the right position?

And so on! 

Let Grantcf 36 yrs experience within the workplace help you obtain the right working position contact us today! 01789 730380 or email Marianne Direct: Marianne@grantcf.co.uk

Just remember, In the meantime don't perch! Let your chair do what its supposed to do!